David, a man after God’s own heart??

   When looking at the life of King David, one can see all the faults the man had. He was by no means perfect. He committed some terrible sins. He was a warrior King that spilled much blood. More so, he took Uriah the Hittite’s (his friend) wife and committed adultery with her, and then carried out his death to cover his wicked actions. When looking at this point in David’s life one might question: How was this a man after God’s own heart?

When the Prophet of the Lord Nathan came to David to confront him with his sin that he thought he had hidden, he did so in a way that David would realize just how horrific his actions were. David realizes his sin but Nathan still tells him that because of his actions against the Lord the child that was born from this sin will die. The Prophet Nathan is not only “the messenger” of bad news but he is calling out the King’s most personal and hidden transgressions.  David accepts the words of Nathan with much sorrow and does everything he can to beg the Lord to take this punishment away and save his child. His efforts were futile and his child dies. This is one of the lowest points in the life of King David.

David goes on to once again “walk in the light” and has more children with Bathsheba but, what about his relationship with the man who brought him the words of the Lord regarding his sin and his punishment? Many people would resent and hate Nathan but not David.  What does David names his fourth son???….  Nathan. This example of forgiveness and love is indeed one of the many reasons why David is a man after God’s own heart.