Hail Mary?!

  When I was a young man, there were no professional football teams in Tennessee. So, you had to just pick a team and go with them. Because the Cowboys played on Thanksgiving and I liked their uniforms… I picked them. Well, I stuck with them. So much so that I used to go to the small video store up the street and rent tapes of old Super Bowls. My favorite player quickly became Roger Staubach. He was a Navy Man who finished his service to his country before going to the Cowboys. He could run like the wind blew and had a great arm as well.  He was number 12 on “America’s team!” As I got older (and a little wiser) I have still remained a Dallas fan but,  I have learned that Roger and I see things differently.  You see during a game against the Vikings on December 28, 1975, Roger coined the term, “Hail Mary.”  Staubach’s Cowboys were behind when he threw a last second touchdown pass to Wide Receiver Drew Pearson. In the post game interview  Staubach said, “I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary. ”  Staubach you see is a staunch Roman Catholic .  Aside from the fact that God does not intervene in football games, praying to “Mary” is about as useful as praying to a stone idol. The actually Hail Mary prayer came into use in the middle of the twelfth century. (At the time of Catholic indulgences and other sins) It is not Biblical whatsoever.  Mary was a person. Granted she was a special person but, she is not divinity. She sinned as well and needed a savior. She said so herself. (Luke 1:47)  Mary herself knew her role and the role of her son.  So, Roger and I part ways on this.  I must admit up until this point I have always called it a, ” Hail Mary.” Perhaps we should go back to calling it an, “Alley-Oop.”