Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

Sin can be committed under the darkness of night. Sin can be hidden from the public eye. People can hide under hoods and masks to disguise their identities when carrying out acts of violence under the cover of darkness. Or they can put hate and ignorance on display like they did in Charlottesville and think there are no repercussions. But as sure as the Lord lives, “be sure your sins will find you out!” (Numbers 32:23) You cannot hide from God.  Hate is sin. You cannot enter into heaven with hate in your heart. Hate consumes us, ages us, makes our souls sick. So with no motive involved and no politics either,  I urge people to pray to the Lord for peace. Purge hate from your heart for your fellow man, for we all made in the image of an almighty God. God Bless~ J. Pratt