The Preacher/Teacher

  Before I get too deep into this Blog, I must say two things. (1.) I will never have Steve Higginbotham for another class at  the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, and (2.) I do not go to the Karns Church. Therefore, I have nothing to gain by this blog. I am not, “sucking up” nor am I trying to improve any grades. The purpose of this blog is simply gratitude and admiration. For you see, outside of Bob Cowles, (who I have known for 14 years) no one has yet to influence my Christian growth as much as Steve.

Steve was an enigma to me when I first met him. He is indeed a “Gentle Giant.” The various characteristics that make up Steve’s personality are stark contrasts. You have a man who is very, “cutting edge” in technology and very “tech savvy,” but at the same time he loves old things and his favorite TV show is from the 60’s and is idealistically set in the 1930’s. Steve reached out to each of us on Facebook before anyone else, and the night before orientation, tagged some very nervous students, in a video of Barney Fife deputizing Otis, Goober, and Judd. I don’t have to tell you how much this put me at ease.

Once the second quarter came we had Steve for our first class. (Acts) He taught us about the beginning of the Church. Then in quarter three, he taught us about how to write and deliver a Sermon. We finished last year doing a class called, “Marriage and the Family.” This was the most useful class I have had during my time at school. The challenges that I will undertake regarding family issues will be great, but due to this class, I am prepared. Finally, this quarter, we had our last class called, “A preacher and his work.”  Each class we took with Steve was useful and of the utmost importance.  He always taught us with grace and humility. He taught us in a way that we laughed while we learned.  His door was ALWAYS open to us and each and every student felt they had a kind ear when they had an issue. Whether it be a family problem, or a conflict between brothers, Steve was always helpful. Sometimes that just consisted of him listening.  For helping me get through my first year, I will always be grateful to him.

There are many fine teachers and preachers at SEIBS, but if the world as a whole had more Steve Higginbothams, I think people would Like school more, Learn more, Laugh more, and Love more. Thanks Steve for everything!  (By the way Steve, this is over 350 characters and you can’t take points off!!! Oh and don’t even try grading me on my comma’s, it is a work in progress!)