John, Simon, Peter, and Leroy?

This is a Hex Bug. My son has several of them.  He even has a little city for them that he got for Christmas about two years ago. They are little insect size robots that vibrate really fast and therefore mimic the movement of a bug. They come in multiple colors and have there own distinct features. So my son starting naming all of them. He held up the first one and said, “His name is John.” Which kind of made me laugh because Zachariah wrote the same thing after being struck mute for nine months. (Luke 1:63)  Then he held up the next and said, “Simon.” Then there was, “Peter.”  His mother and I were beaming with pride. We saw a theme starting to form. Then he held up the next one and said, “This is Leroy.”  Yes…. Leroy. We asked him why he stopped with the theme of the apostles and he informed me that he did not have 12 hex bugs so he needed to go a different route.  I later found out there was a Jack and a Neyland. (Yes, he was Orange, and I was proud) Still, I am proud that my son knows (most) of the Apostles’ names. It is so very, very important that we raise our kids in the way of the Lord. (Proverbs 22:6) We live in a harsh world with harsh realities. It is crucial that we give our kids a strong foundation so that they may be prepared to handle whatever the world throws their way. Even if his name is Leroy…..

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  1. First, if you happen to watch NCIS, Leroy is a person of great character, so l am proud of his inclusion. Second, I am prouder of the fact that you took the little come to Jesus talk we had a few years ago to heart and are raising the boy of my heart to be a good Christian man.

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